Art. 1 Preliminary provisions

  1. The Regulations define the rules for providing Users with services consisting in the possibility of placing advertisements regarding the sale of items on the alli24 Website.
  2. The condition for gaining access to the functionality of the alli24 website is to use a device that communicates with the Internet and is equipped with a commonly used internet browser.

Art. 2 Definitions

The terms used in the Regulations mean, respectively:

  1. Alli24 service or Website - an online classifieds service called alli24, run in Polish, allowing posting and viewing Advertisements on items, available in the alli24 domain;
  2. Announcement - an advertisement prepared by the User regarding the sale of items located in Poland or its part (invitation to enter into a sales or rental agreement) posted on the Website, on the terms provided for in the Regulations;
  3. User - a natural person who is over 18 years of age and has full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality but who may acquire rights and incur liabilities in its own name, which in the manner provided for in the Regulations created an Account;
  4. Account - assigned to a given User, identified by means of an e-mail address, a part of the Website by means of which the User may perform specific actions within the Website (administrative panel);
  5. Regulations - these regulations;
  6. Price list - setting the fees set by the Operator for the services provided as part of the alli24 Website contained in Annex No. 1 to the Regulations and constituting its integral part.

Art. 3. General conditions of using the Website

The advertisement comes from the User who determines its content. The content of the Advertisement, including the photograph attached to it, should clearly refer to its subject and describe it in an accurate, reliable, complete and non-misleading way, in particular regarding the legal and technical status, parameters related to the price and location of the item . Placement of the Announcement should reflect the actual intention of making the transaction the Advert is referring to.

Announcements are available for all Internet users. Along with the Advert on the Website, there is a contact form which (without revealing the e-mail address of the advertiser) allows each Internet user to send a message to the e-mail address assigned to the Account. The website fixes these messages as part of the User Account.

One Advertisement may concern only one subject. The same item at the same time may be the subject of only one Advertisement placed by a given User.

It is unacceptable within the framework of the Advertisement to put pictures, contents and other information on the subject, in particular telephone numbers and website addresses, at the same time the Operator may put on the pictures representing the subject a watermark containing the name of the alli24 Service to protect the subject against unauthorized use him by third parties.

Advertisements, which will not be included, will be displayed in the search results list in the following order, under Adverts that will contain photos, regardless of how the search results are sorted.

It is unacceptable within the framework of the Announcement to place by the Users in the title or description of Advertise the website addresses and to include a contact telephone number in the title.

The advertisement may be issued for a period resulting from the offer included in the Price List.

The User is responsible for the published content (including photos) and guarantees that they are consistent with the facts and the law, and their publication does not violate the rights of the Operator, the Regulations and the rights of third parties, including copyrights.

The User, agreeing to the Publication of the Announcement on the Website, simultaneously consents to its simultaneous publication (after the Announcement), including the publication of Advertisements (including photos contained in the Announcement) on the websites and in the Operator's advertising materials and with its partners referred to on the Website. If the part of the Announcement is published, the User's contact details will not be disclosed, however, it may be advisable to read the entire Ad. Publication of Announcements with partners is not subject to an additional fee and is aimed at acquiring as many potential recipients of the Announcement as possible.

The Operator protects Users' data in accordance with the privacy policy set out at alli24 / policy-privacy .

All materials, including graphic elements, layout and composition of these elements (the so-called layout), trademarks and other information available on the websites of the alli24 website are subject to the exclusive rights of alli24. The indicated elements are subject to proprietary copyrights, industrial property rights, including trademark rights and database rights, and as such they enjoy statutory legal protection.

Downloading or using in any extent alli24 materials available on the Website, in particular referred to in point 3.11, requires the consent of the alli24 service and may not violate the provisions of the Regulations and the generally applicable law, nor may it infringe the interests of alli24. It is forbidden to aggregate and process data and other information available on the alli24 Website in order to make it available to third parties on other websites and outside the Internet. It is also forbidden to use the signs of the alli24 Website, including the characteristic elements of graphics, as part of its own service websites.

Art. 4. Opening an Account

Placing an Announcement requires the creation of an Account, which occurs in parallel with the publication of the Announcement for the first time, after selecting the "Approve" option, which is displayed on the Announcement preview page.

The e-mail address provided in the form will be immediately sent a return message to activate the Announcement and contain other required legal information.

The creation of an Account is tantamount to concluding an agreement between the User and the service of alli24 regarding the provision of services under the conditions provided for in the Regulations.

In the case of legal persons and organizational units, create an Account on their behalf and carry out any further activities on the Website may only a person who is authorized to act in this respect on behalf of these entities.

Access to the Account is obtained by the User after logging in (ie entering the e-mail address and password). All activities related to posting and editing Advertisements, as well as choosing the method of issue of Adverts, may only be made by the logged User.

By creating an Account, the User agrees to receive system messages and information about the Website's services to the e-mail address provided.

By creating an Account, the User may agree to receive other commercial and marketing information to the e-mail address provided. After logging in, the User may withdraw the consent at any time, as well as decide to subscribe to the newsletter, or express and subsequently withdraw the consent to send other messages - in accordance with the current offer of the Operator.

Provision of services by the Operator within the Account on the Website is perpetual, however, the User can delete the Account at any time and thus terminate the contract with the Operator by sending his statement in this regard using the contact form available at contact

The user who is a consumer may within 14 days from the conclusion indicated in point point. 4.3. cancel the contract without giving a reason. The withdrawal from the contract, including the model withdrawal form, which the User may use, are specified in the instruction attached as Appendix 3 to the Regulations. Withdrawal in this mode is not possible if before the expiration of this term the User activated the issue of the Announcement, ie the provision of the service by the Operator was commenced.

Art. 5. Placing and editing Adverts

Placing an Ad on the alli24 website requires:
- fill in the form available on the alli24 website, including placing the content of the Announcement (ie filling in at least the fields marked as mandatory) and then activation of the Announcement referred to in point 6.

The prices given in Adverts should be expressed in gross amounts.

The publication of the Announcement on the Website starts no later than within 1 hour of activation.

By means of the form referred to above, the User may attach to the Advertisement photos (in the number and formats specified on the Website), a link to the website with the uploaded video presenting the subject, and select additional promotion services and advertising materials production, referred to in point 7.

During the period of Announcement, the User may modify the content of the Announcement (except for the type of announcement and its categories on the Website), delete the Advertisement and select the promotion services of the Announcement or the option to extend the Announcement announcement time.

Each promotion service is launched no later than one hour after its activation in the manner indicated in point. 6.3. If the promotion service is selected in parallel with the specification of the content of the Announcement (point 5.1. A) or the option to extend the broadcasting time (point 5.5.), The activation of the service includes activation of the Announcement or extension of the broadcasting time, respectively.

Extending the time of issue requires activation performed in the manner indicated in point 6.3 and occurs not later than within 1 hour of activation.

Art. 6. Activation

Services provided as part of the Website are free and require activation, but some services, such as the Promotion of Announcements (Art.7) are payable.

The amount of fees for the Services is set out in the Price List attached to the Regulations, and the Operator may, as part of promotional campaigns, offer Services during such shares at a more attractive price, which does not constitute a change to the Regulations.

Activation can be done by:

making a payment through the portal

Activation follows:

in the case of payment by paypal - when the payment is posted;

Art. 7. Promotion of Announcements

The advertisement may be promoted using the following additional paid services:

The "First" promotion,

Promotion "Bold",

Promotion "Frame",

Promotion "Background,

Promotion "Home",

Promotion "Move to the beginning",

Type "Urgent",

Type "Opportunity",

Type "HIT"

Each of the Promotion services is made available for the period resulting from the offer included in the Price List. Activation of a given promotion service during the Announcement is possible, as long as the promotion period falls within the Announcement issuance period (which may mean the necessity of earlier or parallel extension of the broadcasting time).

Activation of a given promotion service is possible only if one or more photos are attached to the Advert, with the photo attached first being selected for the promotion.

Promotion "First" - The announcement will be published as the first on the list of ads.

"Bold" promotion - The announcement will be published in bold on the list of ads.

Promotion "Frame" - The announcement will be published with a distinguishing frame on the list of ads.

Promotion "Background" - The announcement will be published with a highlighted background on the list of ads.

Promotion "Home" - The advertisement will be published on the home page of the website.

The "Move to the beginning" promotion - A previously advertised advertisement that has fallen on the list of ads can be moved to the top of the list of ads.

"Urgent" type - The advertisement is visible at the very top of the website in all advertisements and other pages of the website, after the main page.

Type "Opportunity" - The advertisement is visible in the left column of the website under the categories of the menu in all advertisements and other pages of the website after the main page.

Type "HIT" - The advertisement is visible in the left column of the website under the categories of the menu in all advertisements and other pages of the website after the main page.

Art. 8. Principles of liability

The Operator allows Users to place Advertisements on the alli24 Website, without interfering with the form and content of these Adverts, subject to provisions 8.5 and 8.6.

The Operator is not responsible for improper performance or non-performance by the Parties of contracts related to the Advert.

The Operator is not responsible for the quality or legality of the offered items, the accuracy and reliability of information provided by Users, as well as the ability of sellers and buyers to carry out the transaction.

For the violation of the Regulations can be recognized, among others issuing an Announcement containing a proposal to buy (instead of selling), a significant understatement of the value of the object of sale or the amount of rent, manipulation of keywords on offer, issuing Announcements in the wrong category. The above actions will result in the Operator taking appropriate actions, without excluding the removal of the Ad or the blocking of the Account.

The operator, in order to increase the effectiveness of the Announcement, has the right to edit and supplement the parameters of the Announcement.

The operator has the right to edit or delete the Advertisement, including the photo attached to it, if it violates in any way the provisions of the Regulations or the law, in particular when it contains the content:

  • widely recognized as offensive,
  • bearing the traits of unfair competition,
  • violating good practices, copyrights or other intellectual property rights,
  • harming the good name or reputation of the Operator or its partners,
  • misleading.

The operator is not responsible for:

  • no interest in the subject of the Announcement,
  • fulfillment of Users' obligations resulting from guarantees and guarantees regarding the subject of the Announcement,
  • operation of force above, IT systems or devices from the Independent Operator,
  • statements made by the User to the other party to the transaction.

Art. 9. Complaint procedure

The User may submit complaints regarding non-performance or improper performance of the service by the Operator, within 30 days from the day of ending the Announcement issue or the day on which the issue should be ended.

Complaints can be submitted using the contact form available at contact

The complaint should contain at least: first and last name, e-mail address of the User assigned to the Account, the number of the Advert to which the complaint relates, or other data allowing identification of the Announcement, the period of issue, circumstances justifying the complaint, and the User's specific request related to the complaint.

If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Operator, before examining the complaint, will ask the User to supplement it in the indicated scope.

The Operator recognizes the complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of a correctly filed complaint. The User will receive information on the method of handling the complaint via electronic correspondence to the email address assigned to the Account.

If the complaint is considered in a way that justifies in whole or in part the refund of the service fee, the payment will be refunded to the bank account indicated by the User. If the Operator has issued a VAT invoice to the User at his request, the reimbursement will be made after the Operator receives the confirmation of the receipt of the correcting invoice by the User.

Art. 10. Final provisions

The Regulations are available on the alli24 Website, and also sent by e-mail to the User's e-mail address in cases required by relevant legal provisions.

The Operator shall inform about the change in the Regulations by posting information on the website of the alli24 website. The changes come into effect on the date indicated by the Operator, not shorter however than 7 days from the publication of the information. Services activated prior to the entry into force of the changes will be performed on the current conditions, further activations are possible on current conditions.

Unless mandatory legal provisions provide otherwise, the law applicable to the entire agreement between the User and the Operator, the subject of which is the provision of services by the Operator under the conditions specified in the Regulations, is English law.

Annex No. 1 to the Regulations of the alli24 Website



Promotion "Transfer to the beginning" - 2 €

Promotion "First"

7 days - 3 €

14 days - 5 €

21 days - 8 €

31 days - 11 €

Promotion "Bold"

7 days - 1 €

14 days - 2 €

21 days - 3 €

31 days - 4 €

Promotion "Frame"

7 days - 2 €

14 days - 3 €

21 days - 4 €

31 days - 5 €

Promotion "Background"

7 days - 3 €

14 days - 4 €

21 days - 5 €

31 days - 6 €

Promotion "Home"

7 days - 5 €

14 days - 9 €

21 days - 14 €

31 days - 19 €

Types of announcement:

URGENT - 1 €


HIT - 2 €


Number of free photos: 5,

additional photo - 1 €


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